About Us Public DNS Server

The Public DNS Server is a very important part of the Domain Name System as it helps coordinate between users and DNS servers to deliver Name to IP address translation messages. The Public DNS Server, known as a Local DNS Server or Caching DNS Server, helps users to install their Public DNS Server IP address into their devices, including Laptop, PC, Tablet, Smart Phone or Servers.

ThaiNS provides the public the Public DNS Server free-of-charge to increase user confidence when using serving the Internet by receiving the correct DNS information and websites as well as a smooth transition when changing Internet Service Providers. The ThaiNS Public DNS Server also helps reduce DNS traffic to international bandwidth and avoid privacy leaks.

ThaiNS Public DNS Server:

  • IPv4:
  • IPv6: 2405:3340:e000::77:77

Public DNS Server Configuration Guideline

For more information, please contact info@thains.co.th.