About Us .scb RDAP Access Policy

RDAP is a data obtaining service for domain name registration record (the data) provided by ThaiNS. This service is for user convenience only. ThaiNS are not responsible for the accuracy of the data.

RDAP users will follow these terms and conditions:

  1. Obtains and uses the data only in lawful basis.
  2. Do not use the data for the purpose of mass unsolicited advertising.
  3. Do not adopt the automatic method or any methods for mass queries except for the purpose of new domain registration or modification.

RDAP users should be aware that:

  1. The RDAP service does not replace the SRS service under standard EPP.
  2. ThaiNS may temporarily withhold the RDAP service to the user who perform mass queries from the same IP source. This is to prevent the impact to the RDAP service stability.

To access to the personal information or non-public data, user may submit a request via RDDS request form. The requester may need to prove the legitimate right to access the data under the privacy law.

In term of submitting a query, you accept to abide with this policy.

For study more on the data policy, WHOIS and RDAP, you may visit http://whois.icann.org